Shaped by tradition. With an eye on the future.

Professional life in the modern world can involve lots of travel; this often requires great flexibility and accommodation arrangements that are geared to that end. At wohnrevier, we have developed an innovative concept at a location that is steeped in tradition. It fulfils your wish for high-quality, short-term accommodation in an important business region, combining designer comfort and privacy with security and a sense of wellbeing.


Exclusive like a hotel, private like your home: that is the concept behind wohnrevier. Our attractive short-term rental apartments meet the requirements of modern professional life, while also drawing inspiration from a traditional rural culture. The wohnrevier is located on the agricultural estate our family has owned since 1647. The farm was recently moved to another site in the area, where it continues to operate. With the innovative wohnrevier accommodation concept, we are now looking forward to the future with a sustainable development that represents a bridge between tradition and modernity.


The farm on which the wohnrevier is located is still known as the “Wolfmair Hof” to this day. And even if the surnames have changed over the course of the generations, our farm still stands for responsible land cultivation, sustainable agriculture and cross-generational family tradition. The wohnrevier concept now brings an innovative development to the former Wolfmair Hof: a naturally beautiful space for short-term accommodation. And who could better represent our concept of tradition and modernity than the wolf?


Built to meet the standard of a KfW 70 efficiency building, the newly constructed wohnrevier fulfils all the demanding requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance, as confirmed by the energy performance certificate. The modern heating system also contributes to our minimal energy footprint: the in-house wood-chip heating system is fuelled with raw material from our own sustainably cultivated forest and from the local region, and is fed in through district heating. We also used high-quality natural and environmentally friendly material for the construction and furnishing of the building. This can be seen clearly in the warm, solid wood parquet floors and the carefully selected solid wood furniture.