welcome home.

You have booked a stay at wohnrevier and have now received a keybox code.

how do i use the keybox code?

When you enter the wohnrevier through the main entrance, your path ends in front of a glass automatic door. On the right side you will find a white keybox with a black keypad.

Using the keypad, enter your sent keybox code and confirm it by pressing #.

One of the numbered compartments on the right side of the keybox will open. Open it and take out your keycard.

how do i use the keycard?

You can now use the key card to open the glass automatic door. To do this, you will find a black reading head to the right of the automatic door. If you hold the card in front of the black field, a green light appears and the door opens.

The apartment will also open with your card if you hold it in front of the black reader head. A green light appears and the door can be opened. In the apartment, on the right side, there is a device for power supply, please insert the key card afterwards.

If you have booked an underground parking space, this can also be opened with it. The reading head is located outside, on the left side in front of the electric rolling gate. Then hold the card in front of the reader head, a green light will appear and the gate will open automatically.

If you bring a bicycle, ski, snowboard etc. with you on your arrival, we ask you to bring it to the bicycle cellar. This is located outside on the right side next to the electric roller door that leads into the underground garage. There you will also find a black reading head. Hold your card in front of it, then a green light appears and the door can be opened.

where do i find my apartment?

ground floor: Apartment numbers
1st floor: apartment numbers
2nd floor: apartment numbers

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